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Navigate your career with The Uncommon Career Podcast. Designed for seasoned experts seeking strategic career shifts, this podcast is your compass to success. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, experienced specialist, or accomplished professional, you’ll have the guidance you need at every phase of your career transition. Hosted by Patricia Ortega, a master’s level Career Counselor and Transition Coach, this podcast equips you with laser-focused strategies for your next move. Gain clarity on your career direction, craft a persuasive and influential brand, and harness a competitive edge that sets mid- and senior-level professionals apart. Patricia’s proven expertise in navigating career crossroads ensures you’re armed with the tools you need to thrive, and expert guests bring practical expertise and insider information. Topics include getting clarity on your career direction; crafting a career story; building career confidence; writing a targeted resume/LinkedIn profile and branding materials; interviewing; and handling negotiations – as well as career growth and advancement strategies. Tune in to The Uncommon Career Podcast for an exclusive look and expert how-to’s of successful career transition and advancement. More information at

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Monday Oct 23, 2023

Patricia interviews Harsh Garg, an IT professional turned career coach for those seeking to enter IT-related careers. Harsh shares his insights on how to enter a field when your degree may not seem applicable. With 20 years of IT experience, Harsh offers guidance to individuals, particularly spouses relocating to new countries, who are unsure of how to begin their careers. He emphasizes the need for a step-by-step plan in navigating unfamiliar job markets and shares his experiences to help others find success. Tune in for valuable advice applicable across industries.
We'll talk about:
Developing skills vs earning degrees
Layering technology into existing skills for new opportunities
Look at current and future trends to target long term career growth
Harsh Garg is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience in roles such as team lead, project manager, and testing transformation leader. He is also a passionate career coach, specializing in helping individuals navigate the job market and start new careers. Harsh has expertise in IT, artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning, and believes that developing well-targeted skills is one of the key factors leading to success in new technology careers. He shares his experiences and learnings to help others succeed in their career transitions from nearly any industry into IT.
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Monday Oct 16, 2023

Tammy Alvarez, CEO and founder of Career Winners Circle, shares her incredible career journey to a C-level executive on Wall Street. She breaks all the rules and emphasizes the importance of loving your work and not settling for anything less. Tammy creates a competitive advantage out of being different, and encourages professionals to play to their strengths. She also discusses the services offered by Career Winners Circle, including coaching for career transitions, leadership development, and business advisory. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Tammy Alvarez.
We'll talk about:
The rules you need to break for a successful career
The principles you want to focus on
How to create a competitive advantage
How to "Escape the Career Trap" 
Tammy Alvarez is the CEO and founder of Career Winners Circle. With decades of C-suite experience on Wall Street, Tammy has a spirited "break all the rules" approach to help professionals create real impact and love Monday mornings again. Despite not having a college degree, Tammy's fearless attitude and willingness to take on new challenges propelled her career forward. After leaving Wall Street, Tammy moved to Belize and started her coaching company, Career Winner's Circle. She believes that loving every Monday is not a pipe dream and that a fulfilling career is a necessity, not a luxury. Through Career Winners Circle, Tammy empowers business leaders to make a big impact and love their work again.
Downloads & Resources
The Ultimate Career Strategy Guide
175 Remote Companies
Check out Tammy's new book, Escaping The Career Trap 
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Keywords: Career Winners Circle, C-suite experience, Wall Street, break all the rules, create real impact, love Monday mornings, career story, staffing, mentor, fearless, new situations, tech sector, Wall Street, transformation expert, legacy of leaders, rule breaker, career lifecycle, executive coaching, strengths, leadership development, Escaping the Career Trap.

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Roger Petho, an experienced talent management professional with a background in artificial intelligence (AI) shares his insights to help you stand out in the job search.
Roger discusses the impact of AI on the workforce and job search. He shares his insights on how AI can revolutionize talent management by providing personalized training and real-time coaching suggestions. He emphasizes the importance of understanding AI and leveraging it to stand out in the job market. Roger also highlights the need for a human-led approach when using AI and the potential for AI to change the number and types of positions in various industries. If you're looking to ride the wave of AI and make a career change, this episode is a must-listen.
We'll talk about:
Overcoming barriers to embracing AI
How to leverage AI to save time and stand out in the job market
AI for brainstorming and idea refinement
Cautions and knowledge for working with AI
Roger Petho has more than 20 years of experience in talent management and development, having worked with organizations such as ZoomInfo, MasterCard, Unilever, and Bank of America. He developed a revolutionary AI tool at MasterCard that analyzed the organization's developmental needs and provided valuable insights for action. As the Director of Talent Management at ZoomInfo, he implemented innovative ideas utilizing AI for real-time goal feedback. Roger is dedicated to creating practical, user-friendly tools that help individuals and teams improve their performance. He resides in Connecticut with his wife and two daughters and enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with his family.
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Keywords: artificial intelligence, workforce, job search, talent management, development, AI tool, real-time goal feedback, user-friendly tools, career coach, industrial psychology, technology, career change, leadership development, learning, interview..

Monday Sep 11, 2023

In this episode, Kate Speer, a job seeker and marketing professional, shares her journey and offers advice on finding a job with impact and leadership opportunities. She emphasizes the importance of marketing yourself on LinkedIn and using marketing skills to promote your abilities. Kate discusses her job search experience, including facing rejection and the need for persistence. She also highlights the power of LinkedIn in building connections and reaching the right audience. Kate encourages job seekers to take small steps towards their goals and not be afraid to put themselves out there. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and strategies for job seekers looking to make an impact in their careers.
We'll talk about:
Looking for a job with impact and leadership opportunities
Kate's journey using her marketing skills as a job seeker
Job searching and marketing oneself on LinkedIn
Evaluating a job offer and considering long-term fit
Kate is an entrepreneurially-minded business and marketing executive with expertise in building brand identity, campaigns, and customer loyalty-building experiences among so, so much more! She also recently landed an amazing position as VP of Marketing at BNY Mellon, and she's loving every minute of it.
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Monday Sep 04, 2023

Stephen redefines success and enjoyment in the present moment. In conversation, we explore the significance of education and personal growth, overcoming fear to improve one's life, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Stephen also shares his own struggles with weight gain and depression, and the importance of setting goals and defining success based on personal values. Overall, the episode encourages listeners to rethink traditional notions of success and prioritize personal fulfillment.
We'll talk about:
Redefining success
Overcoming personal struggles and finding happiness
Fear of failure and societal influences
Importance of setting goals and defining success
Taking responsibility and overcoming victim mentality
About Stephen:
A United States Army veteran, Stephen spent much of his adult life serving his country and leading combat and non-combat deployments worldwide. After leaving the Army, he joined the civilian workforce with leadership roles for several divisions of one organization. Stephen struggled with his new reality, having left the full-throttle life in the military. He was used to being surrounded by high-octane individuals with shared goals and a common work structure which he missed once outside of the military. Stephen worked through this transition with a fantastic coach, and through that experience, realized that he belonged coaching leaders and aspiring leaders in the development of their skills and career strategy. He now focuses on coaching and developing the whole person so they can achieve anything they desire.
Redefining success.
The danger of failure.
Missed opportunities.
Fear and change.
Habits and goals for success.
Leveraging fears for personal growth.
Mental resilience and personal accountability.
Links Mentioned: 
Renowned Leadership
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Stephen's LinkedIn
Stephen's first guest episode on The Uncommon Career
Podcast: "Ask Hard Questions" by Kylee Robinson
Stephen's Guest Episode
Patricia's Guest Episode
Myron Golden - a man of faith and successful entrepreneur
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Monday Aug 28, 2023

In this episode, we discuss how to become a top candidate in a brand new industry by leveraging your career story. We address common fears and concerns that come with switching industries, such as taking a pay cut or starting over. While these thoughts are normal, they may not be accurate or serve you. We explore how to overcome these fears and position yourself as a strong candidate in a new industry using a compelling career story.
We'll talk about:
Becoming a top candidate in a new industry
Overcoming fears of a career change
The power of a well-crafted career story
Aligning skills and impact in your story
[00:01:56] Your career stage
[00:04:00] The power of storytelling
[00:12:27] Crafting your career story
[00:17:10] Using Your Career Story
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Monday Aug 21, 2023

In this episode, Colleen shares her unconventional career path and the importance of considering alternative options. She discusses her journey from a creative foreign language background to obtaining a master's degree in accounting. Colleen emphasizes the need for individuals to take control of their own careers and not follow prescribed paths.
She also highlights the interconnectedness of different disciplines and the value of language learning in problem-solving and communication. Colleen shares her experience in pursuing a career in interpreting and translating, as well as their decision to reevaluate her career path and pursue a completely different path.
We'll talk about:
Interconnectedness of knowledge and skills
Building on a foundation and learning from mistakes
Finding new life and rebuilding after setbacks
Finding purpose in your career
Navigating life and career with God's guidance
Importance of having a vision and surrendering expectations
Colleen's Story:
I am a creative turned accountant! I grew up in a family that has always been very creative and artistic. The last field I thought I would find myself in was the field of accounting or business coaching, but I love it! Before becoming a management accountant, I almost became an interpreter and then I almost became a ballroom dance instructor. True story. Dancing, writing music, and languages are still passions of mine.
As a Certified Management Accountant and YNAB budget coach, I am equipped to serve as a strategic partner both in your personal and entrepreneurial life. My background is in FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) and analytics. I use financial tools and implement financial strategies that aid in your decision-making process. I work to support you in harnessing money management skills that bring form, structure, and direction to your goals. I aid in developing strategy that supports you in achieving your financial goals, leading your family, and your business.
Unconventional career paths.
Accounting versus finance career paths.
Learning skills across disciplines.
The ultimate story.
God's redemption of mistakes.
Surrendering your expectations.
Operating on God's time.
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Monday Aug 14, 2023

Brian Montes and I discuss the importance of asking the right questions during the hiring process to determine if the organization is the right fit for one's career goals. He emphasizes the need for candidates to be selective and find a good cultural fit.
Brian also highlights the significance of considering employee input in decision-making processes and the importance of open communication. The episode emphasizes the importance of mutual commitment and understanding in the employee-employer relationship.
We'll talk about:
Importance of stability, innovation, and collaboration
Reading between the lines in hiring conversations
Defining the important questions in job interviews
About Brian Montes:
Brian is a seasoned business and people operations expert with over 15 years of experience in the Fortune 500 and start-up world. He worked alongside a founder & CEO, leading a company from a handful of employees to over 150+ employees and $100MM in revenue. After experiencing the failure of this company due to the CEO's lack of leadership and disregard for the employees, Brian knew the world of work needed to evolve. He launched Scaleocity Works, and now provides HR advisory services, technologies, and a full suite of HR solutions to transform company cultures into environments candidates LOVE to work at. Brian also launched the Entrepreneur to Employer podcast, to help employers Make Mondays Matter. 
Being selective in the hiring process.
Company challenges and resilience.
Role clarity and success.
Why is the job vacant?
Red flags for candidates.
The vision of the organization.
Being selective as a candidate.
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Scaleocity Works - HR advisory firm:
Proactive HR Community Subscription - helping solopreneurs and small business owners hire their first employees:
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Monday Aug 07, 2023

In this insightful podcast episode, we're joined by Glenn Richardson from Rhodium Talent Advisors, an expert in the hiring process. We discuss the art of crafting an impressive resume, engaging effectively with recruiters, and utilizing the power of storytelling during a career transition. Glenn shares invaluable advice on how to make your application stand out in a highly competitive job market. He emphasizes the importance of showcasing your skills, experience, and passions in your communications and being honest about your abilities.
The episode covers effective strategies for reaching recruiters through platforms like LinkedIn and email. The importance of utilizing all available resources and networking effectively is also discussed. The episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance their job search and stand out in their career journey. Key discussion points include mastering the job search process, crafting resumes, reaching recruiters, effective communication in job applications, and the next steps in your uncommon career journey.
Mastering the Job Search Process
Crafting Resumes and Reaching Recruiters
Effective Communication in Job Applications
Passion and Soft Skills in Interviews
About Glenn Richardson:
Glenn W. Richardson II is the Founder and CEO of Rhodium Talent Advisors. Glenn helps business leaders and hiring mangers shape their dream team through customized recruiting, HR consulting, and training service to help you build a Positive and High-Performing Workplace Culture. 
Glenn is a dual-certified HR professional and has a Masters in Business Administration from Baylor University. Glenn's areas of expertise are in leadership, workplace culture, talent acquisition, and training and development. When Glenn is not interviewing, consulting, or training you can find Glenn either cooking or eating, and spending time with his wife and 3 children.
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Rhodium Talent Advisors (now transitioning to the Richardson Group):
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Monday Jul 31, 2023

Patricia Ortega dives into the common barriers that can hinder candidates from acing their interviews and leaving a positive impression on hiring managers. She discusses the fears of failure and the pressure to perform that often lead to overwhelm and blanking out during interviews.
Patricia emphasizes the importance of mindset and perspective, reminding listeners that interviews are conversations, not pass or fail situations. She also shares strategies for handling moments of blanking out or making mistakes, encouraging candidates to own their mistakes and use humor to make the situation more relatable. So, if you want to conquer your interview fears and stand out in a crowded job market, give this episode a listen!
We'll talk about:
Overcoming fear of failure and pressure
Mindset shift: interview as a conversation
Blank out? What do do next
How to come back from mistakes
Shared positive experiences 
Your response and emotional intelligence
Overcoming interview fears
Mindset shift
Not knowing or blanking out
Leveraging Mistakes
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