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Navigate your career with The Uncommon Career Podcast. Designed for seasoned experts seeking strategic career shifts, this podcast is your compass to success. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, experienced specialist, or accomplished professional, you’ll have the guidance you need at every phase of your career transition. Hosted by Patricia Ortega, a master’s level Career Counselor and Transition Coach, this podcast equips you with laser-focused strategies for your next move. Gain clarity on your career direction, craft a persuasive and influential brand, and harness a competitive edge that sets mid- and senior-level professionals apart. Patricia’s proven expertise in navigating career crossroads ensures you’re armed with the tools you need to thrive, and expert guests bring practical expertise and insider information. Topics include getting clarity on your career direction; crafting a career story; building career confidence; writing a targeted resume/LinkedIn profile and branding materials; interviewing; and handling negotiations – as well as career growth and advancement strategies. Tune in to The Uncommon Career Podcast for an exclusive look and expert how-to’s of successful career transition and advancement. More information at

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2 days ago

Looking for a career change but not sure where to start?
Today, Julianna and I explore the intricacies of navigating internal career shifts and office politics. Julianna shares practical tips on moving laterally within an organization, emphasizing the importance of clarity and flexibility. Meanwhile, Patricia highlights the significance of self-awareness and reading between the lines for valuable information during career discussions. Discover how finding the right balance between direction and opportunity can lead to a fulfilling career path.
This episode is part of the Elevated Leadership Series, co-hosted by Julianna Yau Yorgan and Patricia Ortega. 
We'll talk about:
Clarity on career direction, internally and externally
Career planning
Finding happiness even in your current role
Elevated Leadership is available on both The Uncommon Career Podcast and The Daring to Succeed Podcast.
Listen to the Daring to Succeed Podcast to get to know Julianna:
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Monday May 06, 2024

Wonder what it takes to get into corporate sales? 
Join us as we delve into the journey of a seasoned corporate sales leader at Microsoft - Jake Mannino - as he explores key qualities of effective sales leadership, navigating career transitions, and embracing change for personal growth and success. 
Jake, shares his journey and insights on high-performance sales leadership. He also delves into the five domains of change, offering valuable advice on embracing uncertainty and growth. Through personal anecdotes and practical tips, he emphasizes the importance of soft skills, metrics, and adaptability in navigating career transitions. 
We'll talk about:
The power of embracing change for career growth
The balance between soft skills and technical skill in sales careers
High performing team dynamics
About Jake:
Jake Mannino has a wealth of business and executive leadership experience in developing high-performing teams and achieving off the chart results. He has worked as an IT Executive, Cybersecurity Specialist, Small Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, Regional Manager, and Global Sales Director. Jake has generated billions in sales revenue and negotiated massive deals with the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies.
Jake currently has a Double Major in Social Sciences, an Executive MBA, certifications in both Executive and Career coaching, ICF Level I, and a Professional Coaching Certification from Microsoft where he now directs and leads strategic Global Sales teams. He has received numerous Executive Leadership and Sales Champion awards and has coached hundreds of high-performing elite professionals who have skyrocketed their careers and income to life-changing levels.
Connect with Jake:
Jake's Website: 
Jake's YouTube Channel: 
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Monday Apr 22, 2024

Need a little joy in your work-life?
Are you tired of feeling burnt out and unfulfilled in your career?
In this episode, we chat with Lisa Even, author of "Joy Is My Job," about how to inject joy into your work and find fulfillment in your professional life. Lisa shares her personal journey of transitioning from a healthcare project manager to a people leader and how she discovered the power of joy in the workplace. She emphasizes the importance of finding joy in the little moments, creating a positive ripple effect, and fostering genuine connections with others.
We'll talk about:
Injecting joy in the workplace
Being interested, not just interesting
Disrupting the interview process
About Lisa Even:
Lisa Even is a speaker, author, and advocate for bringing joy and positivity into the workplace. With a background in healthcare and leadership, Lisa has a passion for helping individuals and teams find joy in their careers and create a positive ripple effect. She is the author of the book "Joy Is My Job" and the founder of Rising Tides Connection Conferences. Lisa's mission is to inspire others to embrace joy and make a difference in their corner of the world. Connect with Lisa on her website,, and on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Resources Shared:
"Joy Is My Job" by Lisa Even 
Find Lisa on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
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Monday Apr 15, 2024

Are you getting ready to apply for a new position? 
Emily Kapit shares what works in resumes, branding, and a successful job search. 
In a world where job hunting feels like a never-ending maze, Emily Kapit swoops in with her career wisdom and resume magic. With over 15 years of experience, Emily shares her journey from broadcasting to resume writing, all while juggling the chaos of toxic work environments. Through her "Kapitalize" process, she helps clients navigate the job market storm by focusing on record of achievement, networking, and strategic job search tactics. As she works on her upcoming book, "Sink or Swim: Strategies for Career Resilience," Emily emphasizes the power of connections over resumes. Dive into Emily's world at Refresh Your Step for a career transformation like no other.
We'll talk about:
Resume is not just about words.
Networking is crucial for hiring.
Documenting your record of achievement is key.
About Emily Kapit:
Emily Kapit is a 3X-certified Master Resume Writer as well as an industry leading career strategist and career resilience expert. She is also the Founder of ReFresh Your Step, LLC, a career advisory firm with clients located nationally and internationally. She and her team collaborate extensively with clients on The Kapitalize Process, an innovative methodology that addresses all facets of one’s career progression (internal & external) and resilience, including tactical career guidance, job search strategies, mock interviews, negotiation tactics, written professional assets, and more. Emily’s insights and guidance have been published in Forbes, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Medium, HuffPost, and MindBodyGreen, among others. Emily is currently working on her first book, Sink or Swim: The Life-Changing Strategies for Career Resilience, due out in 2024.
More from Emily Kapit
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (Emily Kapit / Refresh Your Step)
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Monday Apr 08, 2024

Today we delve into the power of inspiration with former Army Ranger turned leadership coach, Steven Jarvis Morris. Steven shares a tragedy that transformed into inspiration, highlighting the difference between motivation and inspiration. Through active listening, trust-building, and consistent actions, Steven emphasizes the importance, ultimately, of love in leadership. The episode showcases several ways inspiration can happen, regardless of your leadership style. Steven's insightful anecdotes and practical advice offer a refreshing perspective on inspiring and leading teams effectively.
We'll talk about:
How Inspiration is better than motivation
How to build trust with your team
The power of active listening and appreciation
About Steven Morris:
Steven Morris is the founder and CEO of Renowned Leadership, a retired Army veteran, and a dedicated family man. With a background in leadership coaching and a passion for inspiring others, Steven shares valuable insights on motivation, inspiration, and leadership through his (multiple) podcast guest appearances. His experiences in the military and as a business owner have shaped his unique perspective on building trust, fostering communication, and creating a culture of inspiration within teams. Steven's podcast has reached a milestone of 3,000 downloads per month, showcasing his commitment to sharing valuable content with his audience.
Stephen's guest episodes on The Uncommon Career Podcast
Episode 48: How to redefine success, overcome fears, and do hard things - a conversation with Stephen Jarvis Morris
Episode 5: Stephen Jarvis Morris: Former Army Ranger turned Corporate Coach talks leadership
Resources Shared
The Renowned Leadership Podcast 
Check out Stephen's website here: 
Stephen also shared The Lion Within Us podcast, hosted by Chris Granger
Learn from Stephen and many other speakers on the Disrupted! 2024 Summit Happening April 8-11, 2024. 
Click here to register for the free Disrupted! 2024 - The Future of Work Virtual Summit:
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Sunday Mar 31, 2024

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career?
Do you dread Mondays and long for work you love?
In this episode, Tammy Alvarez, author of "Escaping the Career Trap," shares her insights on how to transform your apathy into ambition and never hate Mondays again. She discusses the five lies that hold us back from loving our jobs and offers practical advice on breaking free from the soul-crushing grind. Tammy emphasizes the importance of aligning with your values, breaking the rules, and thriving during times of recession and chaos. Don't miss this inspiring conversation that will empower you to take control of your career and find true fulfillment.
We'll talk about:
Aligning your career with what lights you up.
How and why you should play to your strengths.
Breaking the rules in your career (without getting fired) by focusing on your value and power base.
Thriving during times of chaos and recession by aligning with the organization's priorities and being a leader others choose to follow.
About Tammy Alvarez:
Tammy Alvarez is author of newly released "Escaping the Career Trap", and the CEO and founder of Career Winners Circle. With decades of C-suite experience on Wall Street, Tammy has a spirited "break all the rules" approach to help professionals create real impact and love Mondays again. Tammy believes that loving every Monday is not a pipe dream and that a fulfilling career is a necessity, not a luxury. Through Career Winners Circle, Tammy empowers business leaders to make a big impact and love their work again. This is the second time Tammy's shared her valuable expertise - check out her first guest spot on episode 52. 
Ways to get more guidance from Tammy:
Get Escaping the Career Trap on or Amazon
Sign up for the (free) Disrupted! 2024 Future of Work Summit featuring tracks on Career, Leadership, Business, and Mindset.
Learn more about Career Winner's Circle
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Tuesday Dec 26, 2023

Are you an introvert having to navigate the extroverted world of work?
In this episode of the Uncommon Career Podcast, host Patricia Ortega interviews Julianna Yau Yorgan, a professional coach for introverts. Julianna shares her personal journey as an introvert in the corporate world and offers valuable insights on how introverts can thrive in their careers without compromising their true selves. She emphasizes the importance of leveraging introverted strengths, such as deep connections and creating space for others, and provides practical tips on networking and making pre-decisions to achieve career success. If you're an introvert looking to excel in your career, this episode is a must-listen.
We'll talk about:
Thriving as an introvert
Leveraging introvert strengths
Networking without networking events
The power of pre-decisions
About Julianna Yau Yorgan:
Julianna Yau Yorgan is a professional coach for introverts who are ready to thrive in an extrovert's workplace, all without being more extroverted. With her background as a former manager and director at one of Canada's largest insurers, Julianna understands the challenges introverts face in landing the right role. As an introvert herself, she is passionate about helping other introverts succeed in their careers while staying true to themselves. Julianna offers one-on-one coaching and will be launching a new program and a networking masterclass in the new year. Connect with Julianna on LinkedIn for more information.
Resources Shared:
Network Like an Introvert Masterclass
Julianna Yau Yorgan's LinkedIn Profile
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Monday Dec 18, 2023

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and lacking work-life balance?
In this episode of the Uncommon Career Podcast, host Patricia Ortega sits down with Mary Brown, the Boundaries Coach, to discuss how to set boundaries at work and achieve a healthier work-life balance. Mary shares practical tips and strategies for saying no gracefully, such as using the "one sentence" method or the "Oreo cookie" approach. She emphasizes the importance of clarifying what you are responsible for and what you are not, and finding intrinsic motivations for your work. If you're ready to take control of your boundaries and create a more balanced life, this episode is a must-listen.
We'll talk about:
Setting work boundaries
Clarifying responsibilities and boundaries
Detaching from people-pleasing tendencies
Saying no gracefully
Using the Oreo cookie method
About Mary Brown:
Mary Brown is a business owner, coach, mentor, and boundaries expert. With over 20 years of experience, she specializes in helping individuals overcome busyness and people-pleasing by establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Based in Colorado, Mary is passionate about empowering individuals to make empowered decisions about their work-life balance. She is the host of the "Let's Talk Boundaries with Mary Brown" podcast and offers a free boundaries quiz on her website, Mary's goal is to help individuals find clarity, set boundaries, and create a more fulfilling and balanced life.
Resources Shared:
Podcast: Let's Talk Boundaries with Mary Brown
Assess Your Boundaries: Free Quiz
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Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Are you tired of feeling unappreciated at work? Wondering if there's a better fit out there for you?
In this episode, Micah Lorence, owner of Tailored Consulting and creator of Culture Lab shares his insights on cultural fit and how to find a fulfilling role at a company that aligns with your goals, needs, and values. He breaks down the four components of culture fit and provides practical tips for determining if a company is the right fit for you. Don't settle for just any job - find the one that appreciates your strengths.
We'll talk about:
Importance of cultural fit
Assessing values, strengths, and skills
Using the Culture Lab app
Asking the right questions
Accommodation vs. seeking new fit
About Micah Lorence:
Micah Lorence is the owner of Tailored Consulting and the creator of Culture Lab. With over a decade of experience in strategic planning and coaching, Micah helps individuals and companies increase job satisfaction, engagement, and retention. He believes in the power of understanding one's values, strengths, and skills to find a fulfilling role in a company that aligns with their goals. Through Culture Lab, Micah provides a hiring fit interview guide that helps professionals and companies determine if they will thrive together. Micah is passionate about creating a collaborative interviewing experience and promoting the celebration of differences in the workplace.
Resources Shared:
Culture Lab app 
Micah's LinkedIn profile
Connect with me:
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Monday Nov 13, 2023

What if work didn't always feel like a grind?
What if it were exciting, collaborative, and life-giving?
Today, Dr. Joey shares his insights on building a positive work culture and the impact of emotional intelligence at the office. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and aligning personal values with company values. We discuss the shift in "work-life balance" and the need for companies to create a positive and encouraging environment. We also talk about individual steps professionals can take for their own personal development. Overall, Dr. Joey emphasizes the power of collaboration, alignment, and peak performance in creating a fulfilling and successful career.
We talk about:
Shift in perception of work
Emotional intelligence for career performance
Seeking optimal work culture characteristics 
About Dr. Joey Faucette:
Dr. Joey Faucette is a Positive Culture Architect, Executive Coach, and best-selling author of numerous books including his latest, Small Hinges Swing Big Doors. Dr. Joey empowers individuals and companies to attract top talent, reduce team turnover and develop people, productivity and profits. He hosts the Work Positive podcast weekly. As a prolific writer of over 1,000 articles, his content has appeared on the websites of Fox News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal Market Watch, MSNBC,, and countless others and in more than fifty countries.
Resources shared: 
Connect with Dr. Joey on LinkedIn: 
Listen and subscribe to the Work Positive Podcast: 
Small Hinges Swing Big Doors - Dr. Joey Fossett's latest book: 
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