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Navigate your career with The Uncommon Career Podcast. Designed for seasoned experts seeking strategic career shifts, this podcast is your compass to success. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, experienced specialist, or accomplished professional, you’ll have the guidance you need at every phase of your career transition. Hosted by Patricia Ortega, a master’s level Career Counselor and Transition Coach, this podcast equips you with laser-focused strategies for your next move. Gain clarity on your career direction, craft a persuasive and influential brand, and harness a competitive edge that sets mid- and senior-level professionals apart. Patricia’s proven expertise in navigating career crossroads ensures you’re armed with the tools you need to thrive, and expert guests bring practical expertise and insider information. Topics include getting clarity on your career direction; crafting a career story; building career confidence; writing a targeted resume/LinkedIn profile and branding materials; interviewing; and handling negotiations – as well as career growth and advancement strategies. Tune in to The Uncommon Career Podcast for an exclusive look and expert how-to’s of successful career transition and advancement. More information at

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Monday Jul 31, 2023

Patricia Ortega dives into the common barriers that can hinder candidates from acing their interviews and leaving a positive impression on hiring managers. She discusses the fears of failure and the pressure to perform that often lead to overwhelm and blanking out during interviews.
Patricia emphasizes the importance of mindset and perspective, reminding listeners that interviews are conversations, not pass or fail situations. She also shares strategies for handling moments of blanking out or making mistakes, encouraging candidates to own their mistakes and use humor to make the situation more relatable. So, if you want to conquer your interview fears and stand out in a crowded job market, give this episode a listen!
We'll talk about:
Overcoming fear of failure and pressure
Mindset shift: interview as a conversation
Blank out? What do do next
How to come back from mistakes
Shared positive experiences 
Your response and emotional intelligence
Overcoming interview fears
Mindset shift
Not knowing or blanking out
Leveraging Mistakes
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Monday Jul 24, 2023

Nausheen Chen is a master at the art of communication.
She's got a knack for helping others elevate their speaking, and today, Nausheen delivers a simple one-minute tip that could revolutionize your communication skills.
We also explore the critical importance of understanding and honing your skills, rather than settling for easy and average.
You'll hear Nausheen share moving stories of her clients finding their voice and conquering their fears, and we'll get to know Nausheen as a coach and pretty cool human.
Tune in, it's a great conversation!
About Nausheen:
Nausheen comes from the Fortune 50 world, where she managed marketing and training at Procter & Gamble. She took several twists and turns in her career, exploring filmmaking, improv and startup bootstrapping to $1 million in revenue.  Now she's found her true purpose in life: sharing her passion for speaking in public and teaching others how to impress and make impact when they speak. Nausheen has helped over 80 leaders in 6 countries speak confidently on stage & on camera. 
Nausheen journey to become a speaker/coach
Improving Communication Skills for Career Success
How YOU can become a great speaker
Get to Know Nausheen Chen 
Links mentioned:
Speak as a Leader Podcast
Nausheen on LinkedIn
Nausheen's post on Ruben Hassid's speaking experience and success (with the help of Nausheen's coaching!): 
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Monday Jul 17, 2023

In this episode, executive leadership coach and personal development expert Dale Wilsher shares insights on big career pivots, understanding oneself for career success, dealing with career choices and personal values, finding the ideal job, and the importance of passion, personality, and purpose in career decisions. Dale emphasizes the need for courage and effort in career transitions and highlights the importance of aligning one's personality, passion, and purpose with their career choices. She also discusses the concept of purpose and how it relates to career direction. Listeners are encouraged to understand their core values and advocate for them in the workplace.
We'll talk about:
Big career pivots and courage
Dealing with career choices and personal values
Understanding personality types and self-discovery
Overcoming challenges and finding a new career path
About Dale:
Dale Wilsher is an executive leadership coach and personal development expert. She helps individuals and organizations turn their purpose into full potential. Dale is IFC accredited as a professional certified coach and holds certifications as a certified professional life coach, career services provider, and a Gallup Strengths Finder champion coach. She is also the author of an award-winning personality book and has created online courses. Additionally, Dale serves as a faculty member for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute of Organizational Management. With her expertise, Dale helps people grow into their ideal jobs and reach their full potential.
Professional development and growth.
Career journey and self-discovery.
Who am I versus what I'm interested in.
Understanding personality for optimal environments.
Necessity, survival, and purpose.
Big career pivots.
Purpose and its significance.
Determining core values.
Wearing personality masks.
Finding satisfaction in your job.
Links mentioned:
Your Authentic Personality Website/Quiz:
Career Pivot: 30 days to your ideal job:
Elevated Authenticity Membership:
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Thursday Jul 13, 2023

Cristina Crouth discusses her experience with taking a year off to road trip across the country, freelancing, and finding a balance between work and personal life. She shares her initial fears and challenges when taking the leap, and the motivation she has to find her own version of success.
Cristina also talks about the financial concerns that come with leaving a job. She emphasizes the importance of having a plan and a foundation before taking the leap. Cristina believes in the healing power of storytelling and wants to pursue writing to help others who may be struggling.
We talk about:
Deciding to take a leap and go on a road trip
Ditching burnout and finding new seasons
Identity and career transition
Road trip experiences and contrast between burnout and freedom
Introduction / Taking a leap
Balancing success and true happiness.
Road tripping and self-discovery.
Season of burnout and nature.
Taking calculated risks.
Identity and career transitions.
Accepting vulnerability as a strength.
About Cristina:
Cristina Crouth left her job in search of a great adventure (and less burnout). She's is on a year-long road trip from California to New York, managing to fit everything she owns into a 2018 Subaru named Sylvia. She's worked in mental health and trauma for the past 12 years and believes in the healing power of storytelling, now trying to share that healing spirit with her own stories. She is living the uncommon career for a year, taking freelancing and other non-traditional work along the way.
Follow Cristina's adventures and writing on Instagram @Cristina_Adventures16 or by clicking here: 
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Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

You're a full-time professional with a desire to pursue a side ventures, but the right balance seems impossible. You've been told to simply work harder and sacrifice more, but that advice hasn't brought you any closer to achieving your goals. As a result, you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and stuck in a cycle of frustration. It's time to break free from this ineffective action and discover a better way to navigate the complexities of balancing work and side ventures. Join us as we reveal the secrets to achieving success without sacrificing your sanity.
We talk about:
Methods for balancing traditional career roles and entrepreneurial goals.
Tangible tactics to set boundaries, and manage time.
Transparency and ethical values in balancing a 9-5 and entrepreneurship.
Self-doubt and technical ability deficit.
The secret to a supportive tribe and sustained entrepreneurial success.
About Christa Hutchins
Christa Hutchins is a powerhouse with a compassionate spirit. With over three decades of experience in the engineering and construction industry, Christa brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her role as a project manager paved the way for her journey into women empowerment and supporting budding entrepreneurs. Her passion project revolves around helping Christian women leaders give structure to their big ideas, thereby aiding them to excel in their calling. Apart from professional commitments, you'd often find her making the most out of her cherished time with her family.
"You don't have to strive to quit your job. It's okay to have a side venture that coexists with your career and brings fulfillment and passion into your life."
- Christa Hutchins
Download Christa's guide: How to Pursue Your God-inspired Dream While Working Full-time: 
Listen to Christa's Podcast: Do One Simple Thing: 
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Sunday Jun 18, 2023

Have you heard these myths about imposter syndrome?
If I admit I don't know something, everyone will think I'm a fraud.
I have to know everything to be successful.
I'm not as talented as my colleagues.
These beliefs can hold you back from reaching your full potential in your career.
But here's the truth: imposter syndrome is a common experience and doesn't define your worth or abilities. The key is to recognize when it's happening and develop strategies to overcome it.
Today, I share:
How to effectively tackle Imposter Syndrome
The telltale signs of Imposter Syndrome 
Unique strategies to transform negative self-talk
The true impact of Imposter Syndrome on career growth
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Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Are you tired of submitting job applications with no response? In this episode of The Uncommon Career Podcast, talent acquisition expert Orlando Hayes shares how to leverage LinkedIn for career growth and build a strong personal brand. But what happens when your dream job is in sight, only to slip away? Tune in to find out.
In this episode, we'll cover:
The power of LinkedIn to boost your career and unlock opportunities.
The secrets to a compelling profile that stands out.
Content creation and its impact on your professional image.
LinkedIn networking and how to engage effectively.
Stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve astonishing career growth.
My special guest is Orlando Hayes
Introducing Orlando Hayes, a thought leader in career development and LinkedIn branding with two decades of experience in talent acquisition. As a podcast host and author, Orlando has made it his mission to empower individuals to establish their personal brand on LinkedIn, helping them reach their career goals. By providing a wealth of practical and valuable advice, Orlando has played a crucial role in the success of many professionals navigating the challenging and competitive world of job-seeking.
The key moments in this episode are:00:00:00 - Introduction00:02:21 - The Evolution of LinkedIn00:06:07 - Strategies for Building a LinkedIn Presence00:09:38 - Benefits of Content Creation on LinkedIn00:14:29 - Networking on LinkedIn00:18:01 - Leveraging LinkedIn to Stand Out00:19:55 - The Importance of Strategic Approach00:23:49 - Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn00:28:22 - Immediate Results on LinkedIn00:29:33 - Commenting and Tagging Companies00:32:00 - Emotional Component to Content Creation00:33:38 - Visibility Creates Opportunity00:35:01 - Final Thoughts and Resources
Resources Mentioned:
Connect with Orlando Hayes on LinkedIn:
Get the Career Accelerator Planner here:
Build a Presence Not a Profile ebook:
Listen to the Career Talks Podcast on Apple: 
Listen to the Career Talks Podcast on Spotify: 
Listen to the Career Talks Podcast on YouTube: 
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Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Regardless of technical and mechanical skills, DeeDee Lake's superpower of connecting with anyone, anywhere, and anytime launches her into a career as an Author Relations Coordinator, highlighting the importance of knowing oneself and working in strengths rather than weaknesses.
In this episode, you will be able to:
Recognize your strengths for career triumph
Build connections and seize career opportunities
Realize your strengths are more important than your weaknesses
Focus on staying genuine during your job search
My special guest is DeeDee Lake
Get to know DeeDee Lake, an inspiring individual who has built a successful career on her innate ability to connect with others. DeeDee has experienced a multitude of professional roles, including being a homeschool mom, a connection specialist at a church, and an Author Relations Coordinator at a Christian publishing house. Her passion for communication and relationship-building has remained a constant throughout her varied career. Being a Navy brat and Army wife has given DeeDee a unique perspective on change, adaptability, and the importance of making connections wherever life may lead. Her enthusiasm for helping others find their path in life is infectious, making her the perfect guest to discuss the power of networking and the importance of taking chances when seeking new job opportunities.
The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 - Introduction,
00:05:00 - Advocating for Your Strengths,
00:07:12 - Taking Chances to Create Your Own Role,
00:12:24 - Importance of Willingness and Teachability,
00:13:35 - DeeDee's Career Journey,
00:19:11 - Finding Your Red Thread,
00:24:29 - Immerse Yourself in the Industry,
00:26:05 - Flexibility is Key,
00:29:05 - Being Purposeful,
00:30:04 - Building Relationships,
00:31:18 - Rules of Engagement
The resources mentioned in this episode are:
DeeDee Lake's books:
Operation: Christmas Camouflage
Operation: Allegiance
Check out her website here:
and Cross River Media here:
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Monday May 08, 2023

Have you been laid off? Whether your company decided to downsize, restructure, or decided your position was redundant, being laid off is not your fault. Loosing a job can be devastating, and is often a traumatic loss experience for many professionals. 
In today's episode, I cover the three phases you need to go through to get back into the market without jumping into a bad-fit position too soon. Learn:
How to navigate and move past the rollercoaster of emotion 
What to think and reflect on to avoid bad career decisions
Bite-sized steps to take as you get back into the career search
Before you hop back into resumes, job search, networking conversations and interview prep, let's chat for 30 minutes and get you on the right track. 
I created a fillable PDF based on this episode, it's yours to download below:
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Tuesday May 02, 2023

Have you ever faced challenges while transitioning to a tech career?
Harsh Garg and I chat about  the role of certificates and coaching to making career transition smoother.
"If you spend half an hour every day learning a skill in the next five years, you will become a national expert in that area." - Harsh Garg  
Harsh shares:
• How to make a career change into technology
• How outcome-based resumes help you land positions in a skills-based economy
• How to find a good certification course (and which he recommends)
• How coaching helps clarify and accelerate the process
Harsh Garg is a career coach with a mission to help individuals without prior experience break into the tech industry. With over two decades of IT experience, Harsh specializes in software testing and is passionate about driving testing transformation.
Harsh guides aspiring professionals through a personalized 16-week journey to find their desired career path in technology through short-term certificates. His unique approach focuses on understanding the 'why' behind each individual's goals, providing tailored resources and training, and equipping them with the necessary skills and certifications to land their dream job.  
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:03:12 - How Harsh Became a Career Coach
00:09:06 - The Coaching Process
00:13:03 - Freelance Work and LinkedIn
00:16:44 - Preparing With Certifications
00:19:05 - Skill-building
00:23:30 - Success Stories
00:27:12 - Criteria for Choosing a Career Track
00:31:07 - Harsh's Services  
Resources mentioned:
- Udemy
- Google Cloud Certificate
- Microsoft Cloud Certificate
- Scaled Agile Academy
- Scrum Alliance
- DataCamp
- The Mom Project
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• Facebook:    ==============================================
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